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Breaking the Mold: a Doll House Essay

Thinking outside the box The strain to comply with a perfect picture is a reoccurring subject all through writing and even in our way of life today. In the profoundly harsh social atmosphere of the Victorian Era, ladies, much like kids, were seen instead of heard. The perfect Victorian lady is not really unmistakable of Nora in Henrik Ibson’s A Doll House. Through cautious perception and addressing, Nora perceives the shamefulness of the male-overwhelmed society in which she lives.Nora’s perturbation with as her start rewarded as her better half Torvald’s subordinate, her acknowledgment of Torvald’s genuine character, and her longing to instruct herself brief her to get free. The most significant decision that Nora makes is to leave Torvald Helmer, on the grounds that this decision is encourages Nora’s self-awareness. Nora’s decision to leave Torvald Helmer is affected by her expanding discontent with his deigning, doll-like treatment of her. Torvald builds up his strength by calling Nora his â€Å"little lark† among other pet names.Torvald’s authority over Nora expects her to â€Å"dress up† in an ensemble, turning out to be what Torvald anticipates that her should be. As Torvald’s subordinate, Nora smoothly curves and bends to his needs, fitting in with his wants. Despite the fact that Nora might want to be treated as an equivalent to Torvald, she realizes him all around ok to understand that equity is inconceivable in their marriage. All together for the union with work, Nora needs to speak to Torvald’s conscience by complimenting him to request cash and rendering herself powerless in achieving the most straightforward errands, for example, picking a dress.Small demonstrations of defiance on Nora’s part are the essential marker of the developing load of the veneer that Torvald forces on her. Eating macaroons and saying â€Å"to hellfire and be damned† are two manners b y which Nora chips at the form of conduct that Torvald sets for her. Nora’s growing out of the ensemble Torvald glorifies is set apart by activities, for example, Nora’s comment that she might want to â€Å"rip it into a million minuscule pieces†. Henrik Ibsen more than once outlines Nora’s disturbance over Torvald’s static doll-like control, a fomentation substantial to the perusers from the very beginning.Nora’s introductory inconvenience in fitting Torvald’s form is later a critical impact on Nora’s last decision. In spite of Torvald’s outward communicate of an ideal home, a few uncertain issues bubble underneath the surface. Nora perceives the central issues that loom in their marriage when she sees Torvald’s response to the letter from Krogstad, and her acknowledgment urges her decision to leave. Torvald persuades that he is an equitable man through addressing of Nora on the estimation of trustworthiness and through promising to be her lifeguard in the midst of crisis.Even directly before opening the letter, Torvald comments that he has regularly wanted that Nora was in some awful peril with the goal that he could stake his life for the wellbeing of she. Despite the fact that Torvald reveals to her that he would take on â€Å"the entire weight† ought to Krogstad make a move against the Helmers, Torvald’s response when the most exceedingly terrible really happens is an incredible inverse. Torvald is shocked when he finds that Nora obtained cash from Krogstad, and he blames her for destroying his joy. Nora, who initially acquired the cash to spare Torval’s life, is shell-stunned by Torvald’s reaction.All of his activities before this occasion persuaded that he would have assumed the fault for her, attesting his adoration for her. Interestingly with her desires, in any case, Torvald’s prompt worry subsequent to perusing the letter is sparing â€Å"the bi ts, and pieces, the appearance. † His premier dread of losing regard in the network is displayed by his request that Nora stay in the family unit with the goal that it shows up nothing has changed. Amidst Torvald’s alarm, a subsequent letter shows up, returning Nora’s bank note.Just as fast as Torvald detonated out of frustration, he celebrates in triumph that he is spared. Nora gets mindful of Torvald’s childishness when she inquires as to myself, am I spared as well? † Her enlivening to the Torvald’s need of the presence of joy instead of genuine bliss in the Helmer marriage fills her choice to find a superior life. Torvald’s upheaval lighted Nora’s inward fire. Nora’s endeavors at little opportunities can be contrasted with wet matches, while her ultimate choice to leave Torvald is like a splendid sparkle of fire.Nora’s last inspiration for her choice to leave the marriage originates from her acknowledgment that notwithstanding not knowing Torvald, she doesn't have any acquaintance with herself. In leaving Torvald she looks to instruct herself decide whether the lessons of religion, law, and society are valid. One might say, Torvald’s reaction to Nora’s endeavor to spare him causes Nora to spare herself. Upon her acknowledgment of Torvald’s genuine character, Nora reveals to Torvald that she is â€Å"getting out of her costume,† both truly and allegorically resembling Nora’s exit of the marriage.Nora tumbled from the control of her dad to the control of Torvald while never having the option to build up her own conclusions. Nora breaks free from Torvald’s puppeteer strings with the sureness that she can't be worried about her obligations to her significant other and her kids over her obligation to herself as an individual. Nora communicates to Torvald that she should build up her own preferences out on the planet. All in all, Nora’s exit can b e ascribed to her discontent in Torvald’s shape, her acknowledgment that Torvald was not the individual she however he was, and her craving to turn into her own person.Minor uprisings show Nora endures Torvald’s parental treatment yet is obviously not satisfied living as indicated by somebody else’s rules. When Nora sees Torvald’s response to the letter from Krogstad, she understands that Torvald just thinks about the disguise, or how things cause him to show up. The appearance is all Nora has ever known with Torvald, and her basic choice to leave is strengthened by her craving to develop an individual behind the appearance. These amazing helpers empowered Nora to pummel the entryway behind her, dismissing the assumptions of society and growing new voice all her own.

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Audit Assurance and Compliance of luxury travel holiday Free Samples

Question: Talk about the Audit Assurance and Compliance CJI. Answer: CJI a review firm drove by review accomplice Geoff, Michael first-year bookkeeper, and Annette, a bookkeeper in CJs charge warning office has been the inspector of extravagance travel occasion [LTH] a movement organization from recent years. In various circumstances review supervisor of CJI has recognized and assessed different dangers each of these is talked about beneath. Threatsof Self-Interest And Advocacy A personal responsibility danger and backing danger may emerge when the evaluator is been approached to advance the association and reviewer put its own, budgetary and personal circumstance in dynamic. This exploitative conduct will impact the expert judgment and generally influence the examiner autonomy. According to the given circumstance, LTH giving personal responsibility and support danger to CJI of reappointment simply in the wake of advancing LTH business in next movement organization workshop (ACCA, RELEVANT TO ACCA QUALIFICATION PAPER P7 , 2012). Dangers Of Self-Interest In Gifts And Hospitality To show truthfulness towards review firm and make involved acquaintance fully expecting smooth review, Gifts and friendliness were offered by the customer to an individual from the review group which offered ascend to personal circumstance danger. There is an issue specifically situation in light of the fact that the proposal of blessings impacts the examiner judgment for the customer that may make a dishonest and an inclination review perception and influence the general evaluator autonomy. According to the given circumstance of LTD, danger exists for CJI firm as its individuals judgment is impacted by tolerating a free proposal of free 14 days occasion bundle voucher to the Greek isles for both Geoffs and his family (ACCA, RELEVANT TO ACCA QUALIFICATION PAPER P7 , 2012). Dangers of personal responsibility which occoured because of the individual relationship This condition happens when on the off chance that there is where the individual related with the review task or the accomplice of the review firm has an individual relationship with any key individual of the organization wherein the examiner is working out review assignments. This will make certain dangers identified with personal responsibility variables of the examiner. As in the specific case review colleague may be progressively thoughtful towards the customer and settle on a choice as per the advantage close relative individual intrigue. According to the given circumstance there may be a one-sided examiner judgment since Michael is having close family relationship with LTH money related controller. Review customer get non-confirmation administrations (self survey danger) At the point when any non-review administration, for example, charge count and bookkeeping sections performed by any evaluator or by any individual from the review group impact the review proficient judgment and by and large influence the review freedom according to the given circumstance Annette being the individual from review group helping the customer in charge estimation and bookkeeping passages influences the reviewer judgment. Checking on the self inputted exchange will influence the inspectors freedom as he won't attempt to watch blunders and fakes in the work done by him or some other individual from the review group (Kaplan, 2012). Shield Shield are the different measure accessible to CJI being get secured. They will be the applied against the danger looked by expert to dispense with them in a satisfactory way. CJI has distinguished different shield of every danger in given circumstance Shield against different dangers CJI ought not advance LTH business as it making personal circumstance and support danger to the organization. CJI should take instructed, prepared and experienced workers necessities before section into calling. CJI should make disciplinary techniques while directing the review in LTH. CJI ought to make initiative that weight on representatives to act in a moral way. Inspector ought to impart every single critical inadequacy recorded as a hard copy to TCWG. CJI ought to disallow its review colleagues in tolerating any valuation endowments and accommodation from its customer that may results into long haul relationship since it influence the reviewer judgment and freedom. CJI should give more enthusiasm to moral lead and keep up appropriate inner control CJI ought not expect the strategies and strategy of the executives choice Arrangements and strategies are auspicious impart to utilizing association CJI should direct the review as per gauges of inspecting (ACCA, ANSWERING AUDIT RISK QUESTIONS, 2015). CJI ought to excuse the individual like Michael from the commitment group who offers cozy relationship with the customer organization monetary correspondent. CJI should empower quality control audit. More significance is given to moral set of accepted rules. Employment pivot is the best defend for close family relationship danger. Revolution of reviewing accomplice and his term according to such interim as recommended. CJI should get sensible affirmation of fiscal report all in all is liberated from material misquotes like extortion or mistake. CJI ought to guarantee that the bookkeeping administrations not performed by Annette the individual from review group. Severe activity against the review part who abuses the principles and performs past the review guideline. Work done ought to be assessed by another expert Recognize and distinguishes dishonest conduct in the association (IRELAND, 2014). Inspector ought to recognize and evaluate chance material misquote. The option to get to given to the examiner to the book of records and different reports. Note - If the above defend can't be diminished the examiner ought to pull back from the commitment Business hazard related with the present organsiation Business dangers are sure perils on occurring of which may upgrade the defenselessness of the undertaking. The business hazard in MSL are the components that could forestall and frustrate the hierarchical objective and goal a definitive business chance among the different hazard looked by the association is the hazard that seizes to be a going concern. In this manner organization faces different dangers factors that may contribute towards business disappointment instances of business hazard incorporate Loss of MSL clients when work isn't finished by worker according to their agreement. Increment underway expense of extras and equipmentdue to increment in labor cost, crude material cost, hardware cost and so forth. Income issue when money demonstrates deficient to meet the budgetary commitment of the organization. Decrease in item request of MSL due questionable occasion in the market. Suit and claims face by MSL due to employeesmisbehavior in various nations remote territories. Mechanical oldness emerges when innovation become out of date may not, at this point be serious in the market. Increment in advertise rivalry. This hazard emerges when MSL face enormous contenders from worldwide market. Business hazard brings about decrease of gainfulness because of questionable economic situation. Danger of confronting political and monetary unsteadiness. This hazard emerges when some political choice influence the productivity of the business. Danger of overtrading is a term in fiscal summary examination. Overtrading happens when MSL acknowledges work and attempts to finish it, however finds that satisfaction requires progressively capital, money, individuals and net working capital. Danger of deficient financing include danger of budgetary exchange, for example, organization credit, and its presentation to advance default. Some of the time high monetary dangers may add to business disappointment. Danger of theft and defalcation of money by representatives and the executives of MSL gathering. Danger of extortion and mistake. In the specific contextual analysis the present organsiation has its business of assembling and selling the hardware and extra parts which are bunch in doing the mining employments. MSL has operational focuses in Perth, Newcastle, and Mt. Isa. Stockrooms the hardware and extra parts and accommodate deals and support administrations. A reviewer with Crampton and Hasaad has discovered different review hazard while inspecting the fiscal summary of MSL (ACCA, ANSWERING AUDIT RISK QUESTIONS, 2015). Review hazard There is an extraordinary likelihood that the reviewer related with the business endeavor may need the dynamic and states an unseemly sentiment towards the venture fiscal reports. Inspector will get to intrinsic hazard, control chance and in like manner locate the degree of review chance materiality empowers the examiner to apply system which can bolster his sentiment that is higher the materiality level, higher will be materiality level, higher the need of review proof and lower will be the review chance in this way there is opposite connection between review materiality and review chance. Additionally, there exists opposite relationship among danger of material error and recognition chance as higher the degree of danger of misquote lower will be the identification hazard and the other way around. When there is absence of inner control condition in the present business foundation it will offer ascent to the related inalienable hazard. At the point when evaluator is required to improve its judgment abilities to give a proper choice there can be a case that inspector may passes up a great opportunity to determine material realities, this will offer ascent to the characteristic hazard (streamlined, 2013). Control hazard emerges when related inner control in MSL exists however incapable or as such, we can say that when nonappearance or disappointment in the activity of the important control of the element results in amaterial error in the fiscal report. Appraisal of control chance is higher if fiscal report is set up by person who dont have important specialized information on bookkeeping and account (streamlined, 2013). Circumstance of discovery chance emerge when in circumstance there are sure material miss-proclamations and inspector neglects to uncover as its would like to think report because of absence of assurance and aptitudes in recognizing it. The reviewer may apply appropriate strategies and method to identify a material misquote in budget report emerging because of oversight, misrepresentation, and blunder

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Custom Term Papers: How To Choose A Writing Service

Custom Term Papers: How To Choose A Writing ServiceWriting custom term papers for your business can be a huge task if you are not aware of what type of papers you need and how to write them correctly. If you decide to use a writing service to do your term paper writing, it will be easy to find the right kind of paper to fit the job at hand.There are lots of companies that specialize in writing papers for people. Their work is to help you write papers like your personal one. Sometimes it is good to use the services of these companies, but other times you should be writing your own papers. This will keep you from having to deal with different formatting, grammar, and writing styles.Custom term papers writing service will help you decide what type of paper you want to write. This service can also be able to give you examples that you can use to help you get started. In most cases, they have already done most of the writing for you and will not need to contact you again.You should consid er using a writing service to write your term papers for your business. They are trained to be able to deal with grammar and style issues and you will not have to worry about that. The typing skills of the writers will be well-trained and they will be able to finish the work quickly.When choosing the right writing service, there are some things that you should look for to help you choose the best writing service for your specific paper. The first thing to check out is their experience in writing paper. Ask questions of the company before you sign up to hire them. Their experience can tell you if they are trustworthy or not.They should also have the ability to run tests for you before writing the specific paper that you will be needing. This will help you know if they can handle your project. Also, ask about their rates and how long they usually take to complete the papers for you. Compare their prices to see if there are better options.Look for companies that specialize in writing t he kinds of papers that you need. There are some companies that specialize in writing for specific types of institutions. They will be able to write whatever papers you need for the classroom, conference, presentation, or client's written content. By doing this, you can save time and money and still have quality papers in the end.When choosing a writing service, you should consider what their goal is. It should be to work for you for as long as you need them to and complete the job. If they do not have a goal, they might just be working just for you so they will not be as accurate or professional as possible.

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Negative Effects Of Artificial Intelligence - 1920 Words

Allutas Alhamwi Professor Marilyn Damato English 5062 9 August 2017 The definition of Artificial Intelligence is to program computers so that they can have the ability to perform self-learning, self-awareness, and intelligence which work and react similarly to human beings (Rouse). Our daily life is surrounded by technology, whether in the form of laptops, cell-phones, or even vehicles. It impacts and directs us in many different ways, our livelihoods or our ways of life. As technology evolves, some of us neglect the power behind it, it’s capability to benefit us, the risks we have to take, and the global positive and negative factors. This paper will also discuss how Artificial Intelligence impacts us socially, and how the self-learning†¦show more content†¦In regards to military weapons, AI has positively contributed to the advancement of fighter jets1 ( Baraniuk). It is very likely that they come up with a smart autopilot function combine with manual pilot function, which would be more efficient during combat. On the other hand, AI can lead to many negative results. Consequently, let’s not neglect of what machines are already able to accomplish these days. According to this article†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦, The korean Stock Market has been using the AI system to write journals. With AI system, It takes less than a minute to write a journal, and there is no way to distinguish between texts done by AI journalist and a human journalist. Therefore, The more we try to develop AI and make it better, the more we depend on it. It is without a doubt that in the near future, more and more journals and reports are going to be done by AI instead of real people. Can you imagine that computers are going to feed us information soon? And with the massive information that AI is going to produce in the future, it is very likely to impact or even change human behavior. Some people might even change their religious beliefs and start worshiping AI robots. Can you imagine that people that have been fighting for the ir religion for most of their lives, are now worshiping robots that? Benefits and Risks of Artificial intelligence. The two question that many people have concerned about are: how can AI beShow MoreRelatedArtificial Intelligence Is The Most Important And Interesting One?1432 Words   |  6 Pagesupon is Artificial Intelligence. For this essay, the topic of ethics that I chose to write about is the Case Study on Artificial Intelligence; I chose this topic because I felt like it was the most important and interesting one. There are many different views and ideas concerning the subject of Artificial Intelligence and this paper will outline a few of the benefits and drawbacks associated with Artificial Intelligence and whether or not it is moral or ethical. First, what is Artificial IntelligenceRead MoreVideo Games And Its Effects On Society1632 Words   |  7 Pagespositive or negative is debatable but there are also ethical concerns to consider. Finally another form of technology that has been popular within Hollywood productions is the concept of artificial intelligence. In Ronald Wrights A Short History of Progress he defines a progress trap as having â€Å"†¦an internal logic that can lead beyond reason to catastrophe. A seductive trail of successes may end up in a trap.† (Pg 5). Some advancements in technology are seen as progress traps and become negative. PeopleRead MoreArtificial Intelligence Is The Most Controversial Field877 Words   |  4 Pagesinformation scientists know about artificial intelligence has increased to levels never reached before. In 1968, the first computer controlled walking machine was created and today, robots are replacing humans in the work industry (History 5). By the year 2029, it is pr edicted that robots will be able to outsmart their makers (Khomami 1). More knowledge about artificial intelligence is being acquired by scientists. There are several advantages that come with artificial intelligence in robots, but coupled withRead MoreArtificial Intelligence In Technology1612 Words   |  7 Pages â€Å"The increasing use of artificial intelligence in technology will transform our societies for the worse.† Module: FC-503 Tutor Name: Assessment type: Essay Student Number: T0061516 Word Count: The theme of the 2017 Summer Davos meeting was about the fourth revolution of science and technology and artificial intelligence was undoubtedly one of the main topics discussed by people. From driving interactive voice with nobody to Alphago defeat the invincible chess champion Ke Jie (GibneyRead MoreComputer Science And Artificial Intelligence1712 Words   |  7 Pageslanguages and artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence can be defined as the theory that a technological system such as computers are able to independently perform tasks that would normally require the operation of a human being to achieve. The primary goal of an artificial intelligence system in a machine is to autonomously make decisions based on its perceived environment and efficiently complete a range of given tasks. Artificial intelligence in all forms seeksRead MorePersuasive Speech Outline1169 Words   |  5 PagesTitle:  What’s In Your Glass? Topic: The Opposition of Artificial Intelligence Method of organization:  Refutative Specific Purpose:   My specific purpose of this speech is to encourage those who oppose artificial intelligence to see the good that can be done with this technology. Thesis:   In this presentation I hope to explain the opposition that artificial intelligence faces, show examples of successful uses of AI, and challenge those opposed to this technology to consider a change ofRead MoreThe Controversy of Artificial Intelligence1476 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout its history, artificial intelligence has always been a topic with much controversy. Should human intelligence be mimicked? If so, are there ethical bounds on what computers should be programmed to do? These are a couple of question that surround the artificial intelligence controversy. This paper will discuss the pros and cons of artificial intelligence so that you will be able to make an educated decision on the issue. What is Artificial Intelligence? The first step in getting anywhereRead MoreThe Importance Of Technology756 Words   |  4 Pagesbecause it is more comforting. The idea of comfort for most people is to be in a state of physical ease. For this purpose people have used and created resources so people can exert as little effort in performing particular tasks. The natural and artificial worlds both have been changed by humans for the purpose of making their lives easier and comforting. The idea of making certain tasks or jobs easier for people is not a bad one: the web has made researching and contacting others easier and lessRead MoreThe American Dream In James T. Adamss The American Dream1220 Words   |  5 Pagespessimistic; there is no room for the American dream with this kind of attitude. The idea of the American Dream is dying in today’s society due to the impatience technology has brought about, the pessimism in low income families, and the impact artificial intelligence has on jobs. To begin, the advancement of technology corrupts the American Dream. The American Dream takes time to achieve, you can’t work hard for one day and expect things to change. Moreover, technology has changed the mind of others inRead MoreA Research On Artificial Intelligence1338 Words   |  6 Pagesinformation, and act in a human-like way. Artificial Intelligence has many uses across many fields, especially in the field of Medicine. Early on in the field, many scientists and doctors believed that robots controlled by sophisticated AI would be able to surpass clinicians. â€Å"With such motivations, a small but talented community of computer scientists and healthcare professionals set about shaping a research program for a new discipline called Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM). These researchers

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The Effects of Television on Young Children A Review of...

The Effects of Television on Young Children: A Review of Literature It has become clear, in the past few decades, that the United States, and many other westernized societies around the world, are very dependent upon televisions, and the entertainment they provide. There has been an increasing trend in television viewership since the 1950s. However, it is only recently that a larger audience has noticed the various effects on television, often a result of the ways in which shows are now specifically geared towards a population, such as children. Indeed, the number of cartoons and other television shows, both good and bad, that is, educational and otherwise, has increased, and children now spent a good amount of time watching television, if unsupervised. This paper will aim to review four pieces of literature in order to see just what effects this phenomenon has on young children, and how it could affect future generations. The first piece is entitled, A Randomized Trial of the Effects of Reducing Television Viewing and Computer Use on Body Mass Index in Young Children, and is a study conducted by Leonard H. Epstein, PhD; James N. Roemmich, PhD; Jodie L. Robinson, MA, MBA; Rocco A. Paluch, MA; Dana D. Winiewicz; Janene H. Fuerch; and Thomas N. Robinson, MD, MPH. These authors aim to see, as stated in the discussion paper, whether there are any effects of reducing television viewing and computer use on childrens body mass index (BMI) as a risk factor for theShow MoreRelatedA Study On Preference Of Youth About Food1325 Words   |  6 PagesKr.Gauarv Faculty of Business Applied Arts Lovely Professional University CONTENTS S.NO TOPIC PAGE 1. Introduction 3 2. Background 3-4 3. Structure 4 4. Current scenario of Campus Cafe 5-7 5. SWOT Analysis 8 6. Literature Review 9-10 7. Research Gap 11 8. Objective of the Study 12 9. Proposed Research Methodology 12-13 10. Bibliography 14 Introduction Now a days people prefer to eat foods of their taste at their respective preferable places onlyRead MoreThe Correlation Between Television Advertising And Obesity1508 Words   |  7 Pagesand significance of the relationship between Television advertising and obesity. This issue has raised major debates among policy makers, academicians, the public and even marketers themselves. The most commonly used measure of obesity is the Body Mass Index (BMI) and it is calculated by dividing the weight by the square of individual’s height. The Hasting’s review (2003) states that a majority of children’s food promotion is conveyed by television advertising, with the majority of such promotionsRead MorePlato - the Greater Part of the Stories Current Today We Shall Have to Reject1178 Words   |  5 PagesInfluence of reading material and television on childrens abilities to distinguish between what is true and not true Throughout time and history, the concerns of many have been made regarding the influence of the media on children and our young people. Although media, its various forms and those who are in control of them have changed throughout as time has progressed, the concerns still are the same. Plato wrote about the influence that poets had on young people of his time in the same wayRead MoreThe Negative Effect Of Youth Health Essay1734 Words   |  7 Pages Introduction The world as we know it in the 21st century is consumed by advertising. Everywhere we look, everywhere we go our eyes are continually be exposed to some form of advertising; televisions, media, magazines, bill boards and shops are some examples of places where we gather information from certain types of commercial advertising. Our lives are ruled by screens; it is inevitable that during our daily lives we are going to experience a sponsored ad, a TV commercial or a sexy, skinny modelRead MoreYoung People Can Develop Sociopathic Traits1690 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Review of literature indicates that there have been, and still are sociopathic children who kill, and commit sadistic crimes in this world. Is it possible that such young people can develop sociopathic traits? This paper intends to prove so. Sociopathic children display certain archetypes that can either be taken as a warning, or something to go off of when getting the child help. Children who develop sociopathic traits at a young age can most likely be treated with the help of psychologistsRead MoreTelevision Advertisements Impact On Customer s Buying Behavior For The Health Drinks1744 Words   |  7 PagesTelevision advertisements Impact On Customer’s Buying Behavior for the ‘Health Drinks which makes milk richer of Children’s’ in the area of Vadodara city ABSTRACT The concepts of health and energy have perhaps never been as popular—or pursued/coveted— as they are now. With market rivalries becoming an intense affair, brand strategists and marketers are eager to refresh their brand’s positioning and image. The focus on functional health benefits has allowed India to become the world’s largest marketRead MoreBad Influence of Mass Media on Kids1499 Words   |  6 Pagesfewer hours with their children. As a result, outside influences have greater access and influence over our children than ever before. The internet and the media are bringing the outside world into your home; your childs peers; the influences on children from movies and the music they listen to are growing in importance and influence every day, the negative effects of television violence to children, negative effects marijuana, cigarettesRead MoreThe Scholarly Journal Childhood Education1582 Words   |  7 Pagestime (MeTS) and its use with young children, and create an international dialogue on what steps should be taken in the future on how to responsibly use MeTS in a way that is productive and developmentally appropriate. The authors first discuss what global issues currently stand referring to MeTS, citing statistics of television, video game, and computer exposure among young children (children younger than 6). It is described that in the United States alone, â€Å"83% of children under 6 years old use†¦twoRead MoreNegative Effects Of Social Media On Youth1535 Words   |  7 Pagesparents both believe that social media is having a multitude of possible effects on teenagers. This literature review will analyze research of the positive and negative effects social media are having on today’s impressionable youth. Much of the research focuses on the age range of 10-16 from well-to-do families and college students. Understanding the online environment that teenagers live in can help parents relate to their children and teach then about the dangers and benefits of being on the InternetRead MoreEffects Of Alcoholism On The American Medical Association1016 Words   |  5 Pages Assignment: Literature review Topic: Addiction to alcohol Instructor: Vanda Wark Literature Review Definition of alcoholism: According to the American medical association alcoholism is a chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial and environmental factors influencing development and manifestations. Alcoholism has had a tremendous impact on the human condition and its relationship to society. The evolution of alcoholism, its behavior and quality of life impact will be addressed; as well

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School Uniforms Should Be Made Mandatory Throughout...

Uniformity: an abstract idea which many frown upon and consider to be stifling to one’s creative spirit. However, uniformity does not always have a negative connotation. In the academic environment, uniformity can allow for a child’s learning experience to increase tenfold. This does not refer to uniformity of the mind, but rather uniformity of the student’s attire. School uniforms should be made mandatory throughout academic environments due to the benefits they produce, such as reducing competition among students, allowing for a more structured learning environment, as well as creating a safer environment for students. As a young student, the struggles of education are pressing enough, but when the added pressure of measuring up to your peers is added to those struggles, school quickly becomes a competition. The presence of school uniforms allows for students, whether they are from a low income family or simply have a different taste in fashion, to attend scho ol without the constant pressure of a competition or rejection. Delphina Briscoe, principal of Milliones Middle School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, spoke about the state of her school prior to introducing uniforms, saying that there was competitiveness over sneakers and clothes. I was seeing a lot of children defamed by a discussion of ethnic culture on T-shirts.† (Mancini). However, upon adding uniforms, Briscoe reports â€Å"the difference is noticeable† (Mancini). Many students live in constant fear of beingShow MoreRelatedShould School Uniforms Be Mandatory?1280 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout my time in school I was consistently filled with anxiety over looking my best, and I am sure many other people (girls especially) felt this from middle school through high school. The solution is uniforms! In schools where uniforms are not mandatory, the stress of â€Å"keeping up with the Jones† can create a lot of differences and struggles for students. Having manda tory uniforms in schools would create a safer and more welcoming environment for students, limit their stress, and lets themRead MoreUniforms--One Less Distraction Essay1451 Words   |  6 Pagesstudent†Ã¢â‚¬â€ mandatory uniform policy has made a distinct difference in many schools everywhere. Throughout the last decade, the implementation of such rulings has been on the rise, bringing about waves of debate among students, parents, and teachers. Today, as the number of incidents related to bullying, teen suicides, and gang violence continue to escalate, it has become necessary for educators to provide students with emotional and social support, as well as the traditional academic curriculumRead MoreSchool Uniforms1566 Words   |  7 Pagesfor School Uniforms A safe and structured learning environment is the first requirement of a good school. Children who feel safe and secure will better learn basic American values. In return they will learn the basis of good citizenship and become better students. In response to growing levels of violence in our schools, many parents, teachers, and school officials have been forced to look toward school uniforms as one potentially positive way to reduce discipline problems and increase school safetyRead MoreThe Fashion Industry1447 Words   |  6 Pageswealthy, decorative cities but also into the lives and environments of public schools and their students. The insertion of so called â€Å"fashion† into the public school environment can be taken either as noble or corrupt; however in this case, there is nothing spectacular about the so called â€Å"fashion† and or â€Å"self-representation† that students are claiming to be wearing in today’s society. Not only has the non-unif orm policies at public schools aloud students to wear pretty much whatever they want,Read MoreSchool Dress Codes: Good or Restraining? Essays2330 Words   |  10 PagesSchool Dress Codes Final Paper As the society that we live in today grows and becomes more accepting of the different ways people act, groom, and dress, we look to expand the policies we have in place in our schools regarding the ways our students are allowed to present themselves in the classroom. Each different school has their own dress code that they expect their students to follow. Most private schools require that students wear a uniform to school they also have regulations on what type ofRead MoreSchool Uniform Is Not A Public School Tradition Essay1359 Words   |  6 PagesSchool uniform has been a rising issues throughout the country and the issue has been getting only bigger with the internet and social medial. School uniform was not a public school tradition but it was first famous among English charity schools in England. It was a blue coat like the one worn at christ’s hospital and it is known to be one of the earliest examples of school uniforms. They took â€Å"fatherless and poor children from the parish and educated them(Scott). After a while it became aRead MoreSchool Uniforms Should Reduce Their Financial Burden2568 Words   |  11 PagesUniforms have a been a huge demand in the United States for the past decades.   Implementing uniforms will minimize distractions among the students, lessen social trends, improve academic performance and diminish bullying.   Most importantly uniforms lower gang affiliations and parents can reduce their financial burden.   Ã¢â‚¬Å"Uniforms are a daily reminder that school is first and foremost a hallowed house of learning† (Warren 2011, pg. 25).   Mandating school uniforms enriches students’ performance academicallyRead MoreCurriculum Models Essay3478 Words   |  14 Pagesadvantages and disadvantages of these approaches making links with curriculum theory. (3,250) This essay will demonstrate research into the National Curriculum and Steiner education and how they are implemented within schools, the importance within the structure of the school and personal development Including the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. as well as examining the advantages and disadvantages within the curriculum theory exploring the aims, purposes content and structure. ByRead MoreLeadership Is The Best Leadership2806 Words   |  12 Pagesfundamentals of tradition, safety, effectiveness, and purpose, and their range is far and wide. From simple grooming and uniform rules to laws, standards dominate an Airman’s daily life virtually every single day of duty. The vast majority of these standards are published and mandated by Air Force Instructions (AFIs) and enforced through judicious application of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (herein referred to as â€Å"UCMJ†). Among other things, the UCMJ contains several articles definingRead MoreSchool District Adminstration4672 Words   |  19 PagesCapetown High School [pic] Taking a Bite out of Education!!! Cougar ISD Capetown High School 1979 Shoreside Drive Capetown, Texas 73911 Principal- Scott Thomison Assistant Principal- Guillermo Altamirano Academic Counselor- Travis Cole Athletic Director- Mike Nelson Health Fitness- Matt Tarbutton Counselor- Emilio Luna IT- John Kenna Mascot- Sharks School Colors- Navy Blue and White Motto- Taking a Bite out of Education! Mission Statement: To provide all learners with

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Gulf Waar Essay Example For Students

Gulf Waar Essay The Persian Gulf WarThe war in the Persian Gulf was a war of religious favor, cruel leadership, and greed. Desert Storm or more commonly known ass The Golf War was the same type of war that had accrued in this area for many years except for one fact. In Operation Desert Storm, it was a mix of sophisticated technology and the combined leadership and cooperation from the coalition that was used to end the war in a quick and timely manner. Which in the end probably saved thousands of lives. In 1979 Saddam Hussien took control of Iraq, and immediately made his presence known when he killed 21 of his cabinet members. He wanted to make his country whole once again. So in 1990 he invaded Kuwait and in less than four hours he had taken Kuwait and controlled 24% of the worlds oils supplies. Al Of Saddams actions foreshadowed that he would attempt an assault on Saudi Arabia. This was where the United States entered after a call for protection by Saudi Arabia. The United States set a deadline of January 5th, 1991 for all Iraq forces to be out of Kuwait, but Saddam ignored the deadline. That triggered Dessert Shield, and the build up of troops in the region and eventually lead to Desert Storm, a all out attack to free Kuwait. The entire Gulf war was concentrated basically around two countries and their leaders. These are Iraq with Saddam Hussien as a leader, and The United States Of America with George Bush who was President of The United States at the time. Even though it seamed that it was mainly just the Americans that were basically fighting the war, there was actually a coalition that consisted of thirty eight countries. The names of a few of the major countries were Australia, Canada, Czechoslovakia, and Italy. The war was financed by countries that were unable to send in troops. More than 53 billion was pledged. Saudi Arabia and southern Kuwait were the largest donors. Switzerland also contributed to the allies, after being neutral during both World War I and World War II. The largest tank battle in the war conclusively showed the superiority of the coalitions tanks new technology that allowed them to attach at an impossible distance where they were basically immune from Iraq fire. Another benefit to the new technology was the new types of metal they were making the tanks out of. It was strong and most importantly light which was necessary for maneuverability reasons. As a whole, the battles showed that the coalition clearly out classed the tactics of the Iraqs emphasized pitched engagements and linear movements as they had been taught by there soviet leaders. In the entire Gulf War Iraq lost around 4,000 tanks and the coalition lost only 4. This quote states the truth about the situation in Desert Storm. Iraq went from the fourth largest army in the world to the second biggest army in Iraq in 100 hours. Said Lieutenant General Tom Kelly. On the final night of the war, within hours of the cease fire, two United States Air Force bombers dropped speciall y designed 5,000 pound bombs on a command bunker fifteen kilometers North West of Baghdad in a deliberate attempt to kill Saddam Hussien. Since the war was more United States orientated it is hard to tell what the exact casualty rate was for the coalition, but The United States suffered 148 killed in action, 458 wounded, 121 killed in non hostile actions, and 11 female combat deaths. In official reports the pentagon has admitted that of the 148 American service men and women who perished on the battle field 24 percent of the total killed in action were victims of friendly fire. Eleven more Americans were killed when an allied munitions blew up, raising the friendly fire percent to 31 percent. Most soldiers said that the thousands of unexploded mines and bomblets, they encountered, were more dangerous than enemy fire. This is a very excellent death rate when you compare it to Iraqs. It was estimated that more than 100,000 Iraqi soldiers died, 300,00 were wounded, 150,000 just deserted the war altogether, and 60,000 were taken prisoner. Many humans rights groups claimed a much higher casualty rate for the Iraqi soldiers. .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed , .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed .postImageUrl , .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed , .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed:hover , .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed:visited , .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed:active { border:0!important; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed:active , .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u37e9550594e35fedeb8194f7ef0692ed:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Archeology Glorified Grave Robing EssayIn The conclusion the leaders of the coalition decided to let Saddam Hussien remain in power in Iraq. The war also created a new opportunity for peace making in the middle east. President Bush stated when Iraq was defeated he would concentrate in the Middle East peace process. Bush ended up increasing Arab readiness to participate in such peace talks. Representatives from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi, Arabia, and Syris as well as a Palestinian delegation participated brought together by the war. In the end, this was a popular war due to the fact that the media had a full 24 hours a day 7 days a week coverage on the war. The good outcome of the war secured economic advantages for the Western World, ensuring our way of life was not threatened by a shortage of the free flow of natural resources. It confirmed the values of new technology mixed with ground and air ensured Superiority on the battle field. Finally, it proved that armed aggression never prevails in the face of a free alliance of nations determined to see justice done.Words/ Pages : 925 / 24